Welding Die Set
Welding die sets we offer are used to cut threads onto the chamber (bolt). These are the sets of shaping, cutting and combination dies. These are functional as the punch-press accessories that can maintain a proper alignment between die block and punch.

Cold Pressure Butt Welding Machine
Cold Pressure Butt Welding Machine has been made by using high quality raw material as well as modish techniques so as to run into different industrial norms. This machine is demanded in various industries for the butt joining of rods and wires.

Conductor Strand Butt Welder
The Conductor Strand Butt Welder has been designed as the portable models. These are featured with foot pedal release and spring-loaded clamping devices. The said machines have been offered with annealing facility.

Hand Held Cold Welder
The Hand-Held Cold Welders we deal in are used to make butt or lap joints. These are widely suited for the industries of automotive, aerospace, laboratory experiments, and advanced fabrication. These are also apt for cold welding and assist in the joining of wires.

Band-saw Butt welding machine
The Band-saw Butt welding machines we offer are apt for several types of welding operations. These perform their task in a streamlined manner. These machines have advanced electric resistance and function as the advanced solutions. These contribute to the welding of ferrous as well as nonferrous wires.

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